Sharing Sharing Methods is Caring

Sharing sharing methods is caring. My friend Dion always liked to say sharing is caring especially when we were smoking crack…his money too. I spent a few dollars too. Then when we would start a business and talk about how to secure it and lock it down from invaders that try to destroy or thieve people’s ideas. That’s if we weren’t talking about how to dismember and hide human bodies if your friends happened to kill somebody. He said you chop the skin into pieces and grind the bone down to dust and throw it all over the side of a boat. Like nobody saw you do that.

He is probably thinking in today’s world there is nothing to hide and only the world to gain if he is going to make it on planet earth in today’s information free-space with unlimited storage, so everyone is going to know everything about everybody soon, then it is best share his story and get it out the way. Cameron has a similar story about shooting someone in the chest. Cameron is someone who has been there in my darkest hours, when there was nobody else.

Sharing sharing methods is caring, so it may help your self if you share your methods gladly with all the people you meet, or just saying it out loud when you are walking down the street. When the world improves it improves for everyone, so the more you share your ideas the better it gets. Now you don’t have to worry about thieves, because it is going to get better anyway. So even if someone is trying to bury your idea keep sharing it until you see the informercial or commercial.

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