NEO-TECH 6 – Neo-tech Military and Police

Unarmed combat police. Retired military on duty. Vision. IdidwhatIdid.

There is one military and one police department. The most honest win. Win, together…YOUR mind explodes with happiness.

…Make a law and enforce it.

Everyone votes on each law until we can uphold it unanimously. Enforce means to use force only if absolutely necessary by our current sanity standards. -F.O.P.*

Everyone votes on each law until we can uphold it unanimously. Enforce means to use force only if absolutely necessary by our current sanity standards.

- -F.O.P.*

*my best understanding of the fraternal order of police



Everyone will have an equal share in World Family Community and have 1 one share of every company big and small if everyone sees fit. Importantly, at this time…is anyone in jail or prison will lose their right to vote temporarily in any business matter until cleared for sanity, until then their ideas will be pooled.

The Neo-tech reader awoke from his daydream. What will everyone think?

We have trusted our society so far. We need to see what makes it great. Security. Ease. Comfort.



Captain What, from the starship, The Nightstar, speaks boldly, “Reality manifests itself through the 5 senses, and now with, Dr. Wallace’s Neo-tech Discovery…the whole mind. The Dark Kabal and Hermetics have been trying to harness the power for themselves.” His son Drakun states, “Instead, Bobby became a point of singularity, asking his civilization for help. Nature is wild.” “Yeah, but he is now under the same type of attack. Scallywags postering position, while the try to steal and harness his power,” replies the captain.

Drakun asks, “What are we going to do?” The captain replies quickly, “Once we get to planet Earth, hopefully we will find something good to eat. Have you ever heard of pizza?”

Then dozing off, Drakun asks, “Are they the Nicolaitans?” The captain stares calmly at his sleeping son.

NEO-TECH 6 – Undefeatable Security

Police and military are our big brothers and are to be treated like they carry guns, until, we are all harmless. Eye-to-eye. Hide nothing. Be polite, courteous, and considerate, to the police and military. It is undefeatable security, if treated with honest trust and loyalty, for our protection and care, to be truly in the police and military’s hands.

Dominion is our birthright. Who died on your watch, teacher? Care for life and protect it, to practice dominion.

Unlimited undefeatable security keeps us alive forever, to bring our vision to life forever.

NEO-TECH 6 – Final Protection Information

The record player is gone, and so are all the old Christmas records that included hits by Bing Crosby. Elvis is no more on Earth or in Heaven, because we do not keep up with the times, and instead, burn out like any fire we have seen burn out, that our music has lost its appeal to old age.

The record player should have been put in the living room and hooked up to the cutest, best, speakers available to our day in time. The volume should have been set impeccably to only be heard once inside, and so, the TV in the family room is unnoticeable. Maybe a few steps outside you feel the attraction of the music at an almost inaudible volume level.

What does this have to do with protection?

Your ideas for security make it possible to reverse the clock, and do Christmas right, before it slips away to the graveyard to collect its next victim, in your family. Will you save the world, before you are taken away by the same force that shows you clearly, with your willingness of course, that there is a problem?

Security is our only hope — security, that protects the harmless and the innocent, from the insanity, that makes the graveyard possible at all. Will you go there now? Save the world or die? Wow, what choices that gave death and his devil all your power by your faith’s investment to die, and, forfeit the love that made your life possible? What do I really mean? What do you really mean?

Trust the police and support the military, that they know better than you right now, for your safety and protection. So, be honest with them, and let them handle their business. Be polite and forthright, until, we are safe and secure worldwide. Be a part of our undefeatable protection by honoring our cops and military with your loyalty to their cause, for perfect security and safety, for our whole family. Unlimited and free, safety and security, brings…undefeatable protection guaranteed.

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