Neo-tech Read Decodes 3


You are rich…unlimited and free to pursue your dreams.

Don’t lose out to your whims; they have great power to destroy you.

Find your interests, and get excited!


Learn. Whether you work at McDonald’s or on Wall Street…learn. You thought it was harder than that? Well, you are sadly mistaken. Sick, it does not make a difference, unless you notice, and you are willing to heal. Then you can learn again, immediately upon noticing you are sick or ill.

Mental illness is the leading cause of death, so it is a worthwhile career path. Hint.

Rich yet? Hold on, we are almost there.

Wealth is in what you learn. Learn to die and you die. Learn to live and you live. Promotions at work, live. Bonuses at work, live. Working hard at work, lives. Working your wage, dies. Don’t get paid minimum wage. Get a promotion. It is that simple. If you want or like, read it again to understand it better.


There is also great power in what you hear. You could hear about a job, standing in the checkout line at a grocery store. You may hear about a promotion at work.

Asking questions can help you listen. One way to listen is active listening. Active listening concentrates on the words of heard conversations. Asking questions of others, also helps, trigger active listening.


Focusing on your health helps you understand how to care for yourself and protect yourself. Give yourself a chance to live.

Basic Needs Priority List:

1-Food 2-Clothing 3-Shelter 4-Medicine 5-Safety 6-Security 7-Heaven*

Health careers are in great number in our ever-growing health industry, and medical marijuana is the next trillion-dollar industry. 12/1/2022 10:59 PM EST
*…And Don Genaro’s, from, Carlos Castaneda Books, simple fast way to Heaven?

Health. Romance. Wealth. Unlimited. …It is there; read it again.

It is here. Dion Michael Smith, The 5th, says, “Sharing is caring.” Learn how to share. Jose is a Puerta Rican with a hard accent and says, “You don’t know better than nobody.” My son, Brandon Xavier Brown, smiling like he is about to do something wrong, says, “Crap.”

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