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Robert Gordon Brown
20 Providence Ct.
Delran, NJ 08075


Setting: It is present time, right now, at Bobby and Kim’s, parents’ house.

Aristotle’s crystal ball says, “I want a peanut butter and jelly (sandwich is unspoken), as we peer into the future.” Aristotle replies, “Okay, I will write a list.” But Plato interjects, “What kind of bread; what kind of peanut butter; what kind of jelly?” And Kim says, “You may want to butter your bread, and you will need a paper towel as a place mat, and a plate and a butter knife, so mom saves your welcome.”

Plato’s followers are outside in the street, screaming, “Why use peanut butter?” Luckily the cops were called, and they came quickly, and asked the screaming mob to leave, and they left quickly acting like it didn’t happen. The cops left politely, knowing they did their job well.

Aristotle’s followers are elsewhere, minding their business, and doing, exactly, what makes them happy, without harming others.

Plato says, “I have some good students like me.” And Aristotle agrees. Bobby retorts loudly, from some unseen place in the house…it sounds like upstairs from his room, “Insanity is taking over the world!”

Peanut Butter and Jelly List:

Sliced Bread (White Wonder Bread)
Peanut Butter (Skippy)
Jelly (Welch’s Concord Grape)
Butter* (Land O’ Lakes Salted)


Once they get back to the house, Kim says, “I will get the paper towel and the plate and the knife.” Aristotle’s crystal ball exclaims, “I wish I could spread the jelly!” Plato returns, “You can use my hands, while you imagine your love pouring in.” Now, Aristotle is placing two slices of bread on the plate. Kim opens the jelly, and then the peanut butter, and Plato grabs the butter knife, gently, to get ready to spread.

Finally, they complete their sandwich, Bobby walks in and cuts it into four, takes his piece and says, “Crystal ball, you can share with me.”

Aristotle’s crystal ball thanks him, and then everyone, and then says, smiling mischievously, “It is not every day you get to peer into the future,” wondering, if they will, catch its meaning.



Total Cost?
Where did the money come from?
What is effort worth? Happiness.

Now you can time travel…and, happily!


1. What do we know about mom? What will make her happy? Don’t forget your piece. Do not. …And then, you feel better, and more peaceful.

2. How do you get money happily? How do you happily exert effort? Do not forget your piece. Do not. ….And then, you see happiness more.

3. How do you effect the cost? What are your causes? Do not forget your piece. Do not. …And, now, you are willing to share better.

Conclusion and Results:

If read, until fully understood, you can always be happy, and I think, you will always be in some way, happy. (An actor or actress may appear sad or angry.) You will be romantic. You will appear smarter, if only to your self. You will be genuinely happy. …And you will be with self-confidence that demands esteem, and, you will, unlock unlimited riches with every opportunity you embrace, or are even close to.

It does take your decision. For instance, find the answers, to your questions.

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