Hell and The Lake of Fire Prison

Welcome home to The New Kingdom of Heaven where you have no say about sexual intercourse security standards until you are married. Until then tell your mom and dad if you have parents that are alive. Pray to them if they are dead. And try not to die. If you are going to prison you go for a 1000 years now and then come back on a cart truck until fully rehabilitated. That means you cart around on small train track like tracks and pop into every house and building so everyone can see you from time to time to see how you are doing. Funny but true? But don’t worry they will look like Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs when he is on the hand truck with a face mask but even more secure and locked in.

Make sure if they die there you secure the cell like a tomb. I am just helping you understand your own command.


Neotech Reader Decodes 8 – ARMAGEDDON

The end of the old world is here. Death is retired and life is all there is. The New Kingdom of Heaven has arrived through learning and achieved in redevelopment of the planet so its ecosystem can be preserved to thrive while our civilization advances society to secure safely and protect harmless life forever in perfect peace and harmony with nature by God’s witness.

Examples: You don’t defecate in the river and think you are going to live forever. You are retarded for a bomb ever going off and people getting hurt and not immediately saying you don’t do that and never letting it happen again so instead we are still dropping bombs retarded.


Reality. Life. Creation. Expansion. Inspiration. Unlimited. Free. Love. Happiness. Peace. God is real in this sentence by its inquiry. We can all learn.

Neo-Tech – VICTORY

Neo-tech outcompetes philosophy by allowing the individual to think about its individual rights and personal freedoms. And then victory…

War ends. Life returns and learning continues to advance biological immortality by expediting scientific breakthroughs via war-free educational communication, that discusses why biological immortality is the current scientific standard for eternal life. Reincarnation replaces dead life with new birth is our best speculation until biological immortality is achieved.

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