Neo-tech Reader Decodes 7

NEO-TECH 7 – Neo-tech Heaven

Neo-tech’s, the Civilization of the Universe, is now and always available, and operates co-dependently with hell or the anti-civilization, until hell does not exist. Global maximum healing takes over the world, ASAP.*

Neo-tech sophistication and luxury is real, but not what you think. Let us start to unravel the mystery, so we can be in Heaven, now.

Memory loss is replaced by instant access, to any memory. How?

Health, maximizes every potential, for unlimited guarantees.

Romance, unlocks unlimited riches, and only knows long-term gains, while it receives short-term gratification in every moment.

Wealth, brings unlimited possibilities, for manifesting vision in physical reality, if you choose to go beyond imagination.

Power, unleashes new universes via procreation, with marriage being the best protection, for child development.

Sophistication and luxury still a mystery? Use your whole brain to see the 5th dimension. Quantum leap by faith’s investments to get to Heaven. …You, figure it out, how to get there, to Heaven.
*as soon as possible
NEO-TECH 7 – Sophistication and Luxury

Well mannered, polite, considerate, of course courteous, and kind,…who will unravel this mystery? Outspoken, well-intentioned, founded, quick to learn, easy and light, is the Neo-tech Zon (Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammed, and the like….Martin Luther King Jr., Master Sifu, 5 Elements of Shaolin Kung Fu Temple, and Malcom X — religion Zons). What is sophistication and luxury in a Neo-tech world? Who will unravel this mystery? Serenity is calm, peaceful, and untroubled.*

What does any of this have to do with sophistication and luxury? I know you are still wondering, yes?

(It seems like we have hit the mark?)

Expensive is…the one you want, even if it is the price you are looking for. Communication bridges any gap, as it extends itself to all. Peace is taught to be learned.** Love grants peace in every situation. Be at peace, and know your, self, in reality. It comes with a decision as powerful as God’s, your self, and it is not your mom’s or your boss’s or your teacher’s or anyone else’s, decision.

You are in heaven now, when you change your state-of-mind, from hurt anything any way hell, to help and heal Heaven. Can you find your way? Ask The Holy Spirit?***

What a mystery? It is your to turn, to be sophisticated and luxurious. You will unravel their mysteries’, as we go. …And, oh, welcome to Heaven. Don Juan Matus, from, Carlos Castaneda Books, will be our guide. Well, he will be my guide, and I will be yours, so please, do not bother him at all…Don Juan Matus.

“You must of overheard us,” Don Juan Matus says smiling, with a leer. “Well, let us continue, or sick, start to heal,” he says with a quiet boom.

Always learning, the mystery may be forever. Go now and be still. Sophistication knows what it is doing, but has nothing to do. Luxury gives gifts of harmlessness, and then harmless is achieved. To be continued, never ends. …And, now, is guaranteed.****
*Alcoholics Anonymous Literature explained by Racecar Ray Planet Earth AAer
**Find it in A Course in Miracles
***I want to know more, is…The Holy Spirit, in Neo-tech.
****That is a poem, by Silvio Manuel? …And then, may take place immediately.
NEO-TECH 7 – And The New Kingdom of Heaven

Get out of my way, and work right. Neo-tech Reader Decodes 1-7, do just that. …Claim your victory.


Throwing a piece, of Hershey’s Chocolate, into each coffee cup, or mug, is sophisticated and luxuriously romantic, even if it doesn’t work out.

Own a restaurant? I have an idea…
Turkey Chicken and Cheese with Egg Salad and Pickles
It is a triple decker sandwich. Choice of cheese. Choice of Bread. The chicken is chicken nuggets. It is for four people. It comes with a very small plate.

Global information wins the world.


Global information wins the world.

Basic Needs Priority List:

1-Food 2-Clothing 3-Shelter 4-Medicine 5-Safety 6-Security 7-Heaven*

Global information wins the world.
*…And Don Genaro’s, from, Carlos Castaneda Books, simple fast way to Heaven?

Global information wins the world. To be successful, follow the success map. Medicine is top priority right now. Find happy medicines like medical marijuana. If you do not have food, clothing, or shelter…get food, clothing, and shelter, for all.  Success, relies on, all, being successful. IdidwhatIdid.

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