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From the desk of Robert Gordon Brown:


With unlimited protection, unlimited riches are guaranteed. Be safe. Be careful. Learn to be both.

Apply the 5th dimensional mind or the whole brain to your new life, family first, WorldFamilyCommunity .com .org .net.

How? It is your brain.

The devil screams his question, “Ready for a taste anyway?” And he screams it with hope of a savior? “Be romantic, to hold on to, your, 5th dimensional mind, for longer periods of time. Look at flowers, and make up names for them…is one example, and a romantic love game you can play (innocent and harmless). Wealth and power run to you now,” the devil chants. …And then he questions again, “What a silly little game?”


Have you ever heard the statement, “I think it is the water.” With Neo-tech 5 it becomes, “We defecate in the river and move trash around. You go in the river.”

What you need to know?

The devil uses deception. He tries to use you to do the same (intend harm), without your knowledge. That is a commitment to insanity. Do not give up on yourself. You can defeat the devil. The devil’s intent is against life, so he is easy to defeat, but regret may leave you paralyzed, because of past embarrassment and/or fear of rejection, or the more potent paranoia, that removes and isolates you, from the world.

Neo-tech 5 can protect you, by noticing everything taking place right now, with the natural x-ray vision that becomes available, when you understand Neo-tech 5. You can make money easily by applying Neo-tech 5’s protection to your life now. You see opportunities clearly and know your interests and learn to make yourself available to the opportunities you like or want to contribute to, while you naturally reshape the whole world.

What does money have to do with Neo-tech 5 safety measures that protect us worldwide?

Your personal safety is what cops and military are supposed to protect with their security. (Neo-tech Reader Decodes 6 [Coming soon as of 12/2/2022 8:49 AM EST, so please check back, and your life may depend on it.]* – Neo-tech Miliary and Police) When you feel safe and protected, you confidently approach money making opportunities.

*now available

Clear, easy to read, labels change the world overnight. Neo-tech 5 demands perfect safety, and so do our labels. Demand esteem?* Demand perfection?

*Neo-tech Reader Decodes 1

Ready to make money and lots of it. …Let us remember the river.

How do you apply it to big money?

Change sanitation worldwide and build self-sustainable housing. …Now, you are a trillionaire.

Do not recycle. Recycle everything. Jobs are now available worldwide, in sanitation, trash, and recycling, and in housing and construction. And, every building has to be at least upgraded to our new health standards. Worldwide redevelopment has begun.

How can I get money, if I do not have any money?

Approach and ask investors or collect donations. Find and do odd jobs for quick money.

What can the middle class do for money?

Go slow and hard, as you learn how to invest, first, by watching, until you know the exact gains and losses, you would take, if you were really investing (don’t forget broker commissions, if investing in money markets, because everything in life is an investment, once understood}. Invest in corn and soybeans. They are a future fuel and motor oil, that we are using now. Invest in wheat. Pizza. Invest in hemp marijuana, like it is IBM, on its first day of business.


Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, Neo-tech 5, works if you work it, and it is ultimately the solution to any problem, but takes your decision to participate. According to the AA Big Book, “who is troubled or disturbed is the problem,” and an attacker is all that…troubled, disturbed, and a problem. The solution is retaliation if necessary for protection. Trust the law if possible. …And AA, like all 12 step programs, is a great place to learn about honest business, while it guides its members back to honesty.

Don’t be a victim either, by standing up for yourself. Eliminate the bad guy by teaching him how to live forever. The victim is a reverse attack that wallows in pity against its attackers. Hoping for peace, by imagining her attackers, burning in hell, without lawful action, the victim quietly loses forever. Who are you?

Neo-tech 5 protects your life forever, by teaching yourself how to be safe around others, as you become knowledgeable about the law, while learning to understand, what is right for you, as an individual.

Again, with unlimited protection, unlimited riches are guaranteed. Be safe. Be careful. Learn to be both.



P.S.* Take the leap of faith, when you are ready. Heaven is waiting for us all.

*P.S. stands for postscript.

Dictionary Defintion according to

post·script (pōst′skrĭpt′, pōs′skrĭpt′)
n. Abbr. PS
1. A message appended at the end of a letter after the writer’s signature.
2. Additional information appended to the manuscript, as of a book or article.


PSS AND FINAL NOTES – Neo-tech Protection

Keep reading or read it again and then keep reading. Cyberspace gives you unlimited opportunity to meet others with no chance of personal harm. Excuse me for not knowing better sooner, please? Sooner the better, I have heard plenty. Now what? Read it again?

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