Neo-tech Reader Decodes 2


From the desk of Robert Gordon Brown, a psychuous Neo-tech reader:

Robert Gordon Brown
20 Providence Ct.
Delran, NJ 08075


Definition: Sex that includes the mind beyond the 5 senses. Sensuous is of the 5 senses. To understand more easily, Psychuous Sex, includes the mind and the 5 senses, to access the psychuous mind, for maximum pyschuous pleasures, beyond pain, until pain is no more, i.e. you can fall down and get hurt, or you can learn to fall down, so, you never get hurt.


Have you ever seen a commercial, where a can of soda is poured over a glass of ice, and you only want that soda that way, and so you go and make sure you get that soda, and certainly have it that way? That is psychuous pleasure for the pyschuous mind. Psychuous sex is the reality of the experience, but in this case it was with a soda.


Love is not hugs and kisses, but they can be included.

Keep your hands to yourself?

It is okay to talk about it, before you do it. …And it is the only way to be happy with yourself, because it is the utmost responsible behavior — safe, caring, and protective, by today’s security standard.


Command communication via romantic love. It guarantees unlimited future life-long business profits, once psychuous sex is understood.

How good are you at falling down, and not getting hurt?  Can you speak any word, talk about any topic, can you learn about any subject, while keeping your self and others free and unlimited, and free from all harm?

Free and unlimited knows no limits, but marriage is free and unlimited. Why and how?

Learning to be romantic is a failsafe free from harm, if practiced innocently, by being honest and considerate to all.

By taking care of yourself, you open the door to romance. But how to do you learn to be romantic? Fall down, until it doesn’t hurt? Reading, I think, is harmless, but the effect may include feelings similar to pain, like stress, pressure, and anguish, and a kung fu class can teach you how to fall down without getting hurt, and both reading and kung fu are romantic, when used for care and protection.

Your family is the key to extending its family values, and eventually your home, to other families. …Romance begins with your introduction.


Bobby’s son Brandon is coming to visit from Minot, ND, where he lives with his mother’s mom, Nana. He is visiting his dad for Christmas, and the rest of Bobby’s family, that will be there. His mother had passed away in August a year prior. Her death was expected, but the loss for a 15-year-old boy in our minds…is great.

Now 16, Brandon has his driver’s license. He is maturing well and happy, even with the loss of his mother. Bobby being a Neo-tech reader has lined Brandon’s streets with gold, and armored him with godlike protection, that comes from learning and being right of your self, without harming anyone else. Nature’s babies learn to crawl, and then walk. What else is right for you?

PART 2 – Neo-tech Parents

Sex, being at the forefront of our life, at all times, desires marriage. Mistletoe offers innocence to an honest family, to the point, you don’t really see it hanging around anymore. Marriage is healthy, it works for happiness, and marriage is also romantic, but pornography and prostitution has taken its place for an easier route to sex, and is a clear path to loneliness, that is shrouded by the illusion of our drug-induced thoughts. Even if, you are not on drugs, or you are having sex without being married, you still feel the effects.


The war began when people threw out marriage for some lesser form of sex that now includes child molestation. So much for orgies being the solution to our problems, but it may be fun if we didn’t rape children. Now, legal porn and prostitution is our only hope, to save the children at least. With an eye on everyone, we will assess the value of the industry, yes, by keeping an eye on every human. It was only a matter of time before big brother takes over, and nobody cares when you know where every child is.

The father woke up from his nightmare drenched in sweat. His wife was holding him.


PART 1 – Neo-tech Family

My father, Big Bob, loves children. Brandon has a girlfriend. Kim is a lesbian? And Linda, my mom, still runs the show. Grandmom, my mother’s mom, just died and left the reigns to me, Bobby. Pull the finger nails out of the ground after removing the body, right mom? Just joking. …But we do hang on tight.

Family first, care and protection, are our hope, faith, and love’s cause. Hope believes in solutions, when there are problems. We invest our faith, in what we think is best for our lives. Love makes sure or certain of our goals and sees their results. The effect is romance in every moment, until the moment lasts forever. …That is the vision of the Neo-tech Family.

PART 4 – Talking to Himself

After I am through with them, they will be glad in what I did. Until then, the war wages on. Find the right woman, I keep telling myself.


I fell in love, but who is she? Your planet may know.

***You may substitute to he for she to encompass its full meaning as a female human being or for any reason.

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